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Help for Russian women. How the service works (detailed)

Brief version

Both men and women can join us for free by submitting your profile here. You will choose a username and will be assigned a mail box on our server where you can check your mail, keep track of mail sent, members contacted, credits purchased and spent. We strongly encourage you to upload your pictures to your profile, as profiles without pictures get virtually no responses.

You can then search our database and contact any number of members. You can contact them in 3 ways (it's your choice):

1. Send them a message (free)

Those members with Internet access will receive your message instantly. Some of our female members do not have Internet access and in this case we will forward your message to our representative in her city who will deliver it to her in person, by phone, or by domestic mail. Her response will be delivered in the same way right into your mail box on our website. You will receive email notification of each message received.

If you receive a response, to open it you need to purchase credits ($1-$2 per credit depending on the quantity of credits you purchase). Number of credits needed to open a letter varies. You can pay with a credit card, check, wire, and more.

2. Send them a "smile" (free)

A "smile" is a quick "Hi" message with a link back to your profile which indicates to a member that you are interested in him or her.

3. Place a live interpreted phone call directly to her via our bi-lingual operator (1.8 credits per minute)

Call toll-free 1-866-Y-SINGLE (+1 (866) 974-6453) (or outside of the US call +1 (312) 252-0005) between 6AM and 3PM CST, and tell the operator your login to our site, and the name or reference number of the member you want to talk to. If that member has her phone number on file for this connection, the operator will dial her, and if she is home the operator will stay on the line and interpret your conversation as you speak. If she is not home, but someone of her family answers the phone, the interpreter will arrange for the follow up call.

 * Note that for some of the women we do not have their number listed or we may have to arrange the call in advance.  In such instances we will not be able to connect you immediately, instead we will schedule a call for a later time which is convenient for you and her.  Some women have chosen not to be disturbed with "cold calls" so they will not accept a call if they have not seen a man's profile or a letter from him first.

What is the next step

Once you have established a conversation with one or a few members one way or another, it's time to think about personally meeting her (or him). Since our men and women are often located on different continents, we can help arrange your first meeting, if both parties positively agree to meet. Most of the women won't be able to obtain a visa to come to the US, so the meeting is usually arranged either by men travelling to her country, or meeting somewhere on "neutral territory", like Dominican Republic, France, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. While some of these countries do not require entry visas for citizens of former Soviet Unions, others do, and the difficulty of getting such a visa for her varies. We have a complete section on Visas and Immigration in our FAQ.

Once you have met in person and if you both want to take it further, the next step would be to apply for her "fiancee" visa. On this type of visa she would be able to come to your country and stay for a certain period of time (for US it's 90 days). If you get married during this period, she can stay in your country indefinitely. If you don't get married, she has to go back to her home country. Read more.

If you choose not to use our service to arrange your meeting with the lady, there is a way to bypass it by getting her direct contact information, explained here.

Price structure

We have a unique floating price structure which allows us to offer you such low prices as 50 cents per one letter exchange (to send one letter and receive one response) without ever cutting corners on quality of the service. Similar service from our competition is as high as $8. And our services to women are traditionally free of charge.

Important: once you start corresponding with a woman, the price you pay to open her letter stays the same for you.

Here is how it works. First you purchase credits at the following prices:

100 credits or more: $1 for each credit

55 credits: $1.09 for each credit

20 credits: $2 for each credit

We accept all major credit cards, checks, wires, and more.

Secondly, the price (in credits) for opening a letter from each member also varies, and here is why. While the vast majority of our male members have personal email addresses and easy access to the Internet, this is not always the case with our female members. Delivering messages to some of them who do not have Internet access, involves calling them and asking to come to a local facility to read their mail and respond to those they are interested in. There is a translator available at each local facility to help read the message and write a response if a woman does not speak English. If the lady cannot come to the local facility soon, an interpreter would read the message to her over the phone and/or it will be printed and mailed to her by domestic mail. This is an expensive process. However in case of women who do have Internet access and a personal email which they regularly check, delivering a message to them is as easy as forwarding it, and is fully automated. So the bottom line for delivering your correspondence is different in each case. While our competitors will charge you the full price anyway and just pocket the difference, we are passing the savings on to you.

The majority of our women do have email address, and you can correspond with them directly, without any agency involvement, for a very low price (as low as 50 cents per 2-way letter exchange)

But that's not all. The problem with all dating sites is that a small number of women who are extremely popular get the majority of letters from men. That's bad for both the majority of women who do not get any letters as well as for guys whos letters go unanswered. The dating sites do not really care about that as long as they can put pretty faces of their most popular girls on the first page and sell subscriptions or addresses. They do not advertize the fact that these girls have received hundreds of letters from other men. To cure this inherent problem we are introducing a floating price for correspondence with each woman based on the number of members she is actively corresponding with. Our system monitors how many letters she had already received The more letters she receives, the greater is the price in credits to open a letter from her. The price however stays constant for those men already corresponding with her, but increases for new contact attempts, thus naturally limiting the number of guys writing to her. At a certain point, when too many letters go unanswered and price increase is no longer practical, her profile will be dropped from search results (allowing existing correspondence to continue anyway). If a member is not answering any letters his or her profile will be suspended and later removed for inactivity.

The price in credits you actually pay for opening a letter from a given female member will be based on the above two factors and varies from 0.5 credit to 20 credits

Where to get more information about a lady


All the information we have about our ladies is available on their personal pages. We publish everything we have, except for their contact information. If her personal page says "Unknown", or "Information not supplied" on certain fields, for example: "Weight: Unknown", or "Education: Information not supplied" , that means that the lady chose not to answer that question. The best way to find out more about the lady is to write to her yourself.


Is this lady available?

If her personal page is showing on our web site - yes, she is available. We don't want to waste your time or ours, so we remove all profiles that become unavailable, or are inactive. The inactivity is determined by a member not visiting our site, not checking his or her mail, not answering letters or "smiles" in his or her mail box. Before we remove a profile we contact the member by email to give them a warning before we remove her/his profile.


What does "Will tell you later" mean?

Some of the bio data fields on women's personal pages are answered "Will tell you later". For example "Hobbies : Will tell you later..". That is what a lady chose to answer to this specific question. It is one of the answer options that we offer in our questionnaire that the ladies fill out. It means that she does not want to publish this information on the Web, however does not mind discussing it in correspondence with you.


If you want to pay by check or money order

Yes, we do accept payments by check, money order, wire transfer, and more. Just send the money for the amount of credits you want to purchase. The prices for credits are:

100 credits or more: $1 for each credit

55 credits: $1.09 for each credit

20 credits: $2 for each credit

On or with your payment indicate your username on our site, or your full name, or your email address. Upon receiving the payment we will apply the credits to your account.

Are credit card transactions secure

In one word - yes, they are. We did not have a single case of credit card theft or any other customer data compromised since we started in 1997.

If you desire a more thorough and technical explanation, well here it is. The credit card transactions on our site are as secure as they can be on the Internet. We process credit cards via our own secure server with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption as most merchants on the Intenet do. Using SSL browser encryption provided by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, your credit card information is kept private while being transferred over the Internet. Not only is your credit card information transmitted securely, but all of the information about the order (with our order form) is transmitted in secure mode to insure privacy. Your credit card is encrypted until it is transmitted via a dedicated line to your processing bank. Only you, us, and the processing bank have access to unencrypted credit card information.

Regardless whether you shop on Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or accessing your credit card statement online - you get absolutely the same protocol - SSL encryption. SSL is probably the most common and reliable encryption on the Web. Is it absolutely unbreakable? No. Given necessary tools and resources, a technically advanced hacker can break it, the same way the credit card numbers can be stolen in bulk from department store and bank databases. If you want to be 100% secure, you would have to refrain from ANY credit card purchases over the Internet, telephone or in-store, disconnect your computer from the network and never write another check. However, it is not worth the effort, because it is almost impossible to buy something worth more than a hundred dollars or so, having only credit card information, but not the card itself, on hand. In any case, with the majority of credit cards, you are not liable for the fraudulent use of your card information or your maximum liability is $50.

To add a little more protection to that, we NEVER keep your credit card information on the server. Plus, per Visa and Mastercard regulations we do not keep the CVV data (the three or four digit security code on the back of your card) anywhere at all. Even in an unlikely event of your credit card number being stolen, it can't be used pretty much anywhere without that code.

We will have your credit card information, encrypted, only on our internal computers, and only for the purpose of assisting you if you have problems processing your order on-line, or to issue any refunds. We never charge your card without your authorization. No "recurring" charges, no membership fees. We only charge your card with your expressed authorization. Guaranteed.