Requesting a woman's personal contact information

The Next Step

Requesting a woman's personal contact information

There are two ways to obtain a russian woman's personal contact information. The first and most popular one is to exchange at least 15 letters with her. That means 15 two-way exchanges, so you need to open at least 15 fee-paying letters from this particular woman (a lady's letters are free until you write to her for the first time, and we do not count free letters). This way is preferable because 15 letters is just enough to get to know the woman and see if she is truly interested in you. 


Bringing a woman over to your country

First, let's take a deep breath and review the process of bringing the woman of your choice to the US (Canada, Australia and Western European countries have similar laws). 

The most effective way to bring her to your countyr is on the so-called "fiancee" visa.  It allows her to enter the country and stay for 90 days.  If you get married within these 90 days, she can stay and apply for her "green card".  More details.

The immigration law requires that you meet the woman in person before you can apply for her fiancee visa.  Contrary to what you may have been told before, she cannot obtain a visa to come to the US on her own, except in special cases, which is very uncommon (contact us if you believe she has a special case).  So in 99 out of 100 cases the most practical way is to meet in her country.   This way you can save a lot of time, money and energy by meeting several women on one trip. However, some clients prefer to meet her in a third country, to which she can travel without a visa, or easily obtain one.  Such countries, among others, are Turkey and Dominican Republic.  The problem with arranging a meeting in a third country is that she will most likely expect you to pay for her trip, and this raises a whole host of problems (can you trust her enough to send her say, $1000 for a ticket, can she trust you enough to travel around the world and risk your not showing up, etc).   Another problem is that you would be investing so much time, energy and money in only one woman, whom you haven't met in person.  When you do finally meet her, you might just not "click" with her, and then you are back to square one.  Consult us if you are thinking about arranging a meeting in a third country.


So in most cases your next big step is a trip to CIS with a schedule to meet several women. To prepare for such a big step you need several things:

1. Have at least 3-4 women you are communicating to on a regular basis.  We've seen clients travelling to Russia for just one woman and marrying her, but this is not common.  There are hundreds of reasons you might not "click". 

2. Make sure the women you are talking to are real.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of clever scam artists out there. Our site is monitored to protect our clients from scammers, but we cannot guarantee that we are 100% free of them.

3. Make sure you know her well.  Avoid surprises such as her having children, when you thought she did not, her ability to speak English, and so on. That's what our site's communication system is for, and that's what our 15 letter minimum is for.  Make sure she knows you well, too.

4. Make sure she looks the way you imagine her.  It's not uncommon for people to place 2-3 year old pictures of themselves on our site, because they "look better" on them.  Ask her for her recent pictures.  Our site offers a private area where members can share additional pictures, not viewable by others.

5. Make sure she genuinely wants to meet you.  We want to prevent our clients from taking a trip half way accross the world before they are sure she is going to show up.   Here again our 15 letter minimum helps.