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Some "From Russia with bride" articles

Why Most Russian Women are Beautiful?

  Scientists have studied and spent hours of guessing the Russian women's’ secret to beauty. Russian women are well-known for their pretty face and slim body. A lot of men around the world have been possessed by the features that make them desirable. While psychologically they are just the same as other girles, some reasons on why most Russian women are beautiful is because of their mentality, lifestyle, and traditions.

Healthy Lifestyle

Russians eat less packaged food and more on whole foods. This just means they eat fewer chemicals and take more nutrients from natural food. As Russia’s agriculture developed, Russian girls have the opportunity to take in more vitamins without pesticides. Also, restaurants and fast food chains are not much of a thing in Russia compared to other countries. Alcohol has fewer calories, too. It is in their trend nowadays to be healthy and eat healthily. 

Besides from proper diet, Russian girles take their physical activity seriously. They take good care of their figure by having a workout routine and joining a fitness or yoga center. Their daily routine requires more physical movement since most Russians use public transportation in cities, which likely means they have to walk to bus and tram stops, giving these ladies more time to exercise and burn more calories. 

They put beauty first

It may sound absurd, but this is quite true for Russian women. They know that it is part of their duty to look their best for the man to value her. The external beauty, including makeup, a slim body, lovely hair, and fashionable outfit, is what should come first before anything else. They give priority to their looks over their own education and career. Why? They believe those are what distract a woman from her true calling, which is to get married and stay devoted to her family. 

Russian Women’s Genetics

Russian women come from a nice gene pool. They have an uncontrolled mixture of genes and blood from numerous invasions like from the Khazars, Mongolians, Poles, and Lithuanians.  Besides having this beautiful mixture of genes, Russian girls continuously enhance their beauty. It concerns them to look well every time and even pay attention to the smallest details.

Gentle Skin and Great Features

Scientists found that Russians have thicker skin which makes wrinkles appear much at the later stage. Women in western countries, where aging signs is an issue, are more exposed to the sun, while the women in Russia don’t get much of sun exposure. Most Russian brides aren’t rich so they come up with better DIYs for their skincare than that of chemical-laden skin care or products. Aside from having beautifu and gentle skin, Russian women faces are more symmetrical due to higher cheekbones combined with their other beautiful-looking features.


Russian brides are filled with confidence in almost all aspects - appearance, career, and success. They know how to handle themselves and are persistent to get anything they want. They know how to love themselves entirely, which is a great factor in forming self-esteem. These girls are aware of their unique beauty which adds more to their confidence. So, when you meet these lovely Russian ladies, expect to be welcomed with their confident smiles and aura.

Beautiful In and Out

Aside from having an absolutely pretty face and slender body, Russian ladies are well-known to be loyal lovers, naturally caring, supportive wives, wonderful mothers, and great homemakers. They always put family first over themselves and before anything else. Being naturally beautiful in and out is just one of the many traits on why you should consider dating a Russian woman.

They love to be feminine

This might make you wonder since all women are naturally feminine, right? Wrong. We live in a very different generation today where women are becoming more strong, open, aggressive, and independent. Women are working for occupations that were thought to be positioned only for men. This just means that not all women cherish their femininity. 

For Russian Women, feminity is a way to prove they are wife material. They mostly despise feminists since they believe they prioritize career over family. Russian women are just unique because they can be beautiful and feminine at the same time to make their man feel more superior. They are naturally submissive to their husbands. You can count on them as your supporter and your perfect wife and mother to your children.

They compete with each other

Russian girls fiercely compete with each other. It is in their instinct to compare themselves to other Russian women passing by. They would evaluate how other females look and dress up. When it comes to beauty, they would like to come on top. This may sound ridiculous but, if you look at it, they just value how they look since they believe that one of the roles of a woman is to look her best, especially to her man, for her to be deeply valued. This kind of mentality just pushes them to improve themselves, and thus become better.

Why You Should Date a Russian Woman?

Looking for a girl who seems to have it all? Perhaps that mesmerizing beauty, strong but lovely personality, good taste of fashion, and smart? Men all over the world have noticed that some of the most beautiful people in the world are Russian women. They are naturally elegant and attractive, but there is more to just their physical appearance. 

For the most part, men who date Russian girls have positive experiences. It is unlikely that you will be bored by them because you never know what surprises they have in store for you. Here are some reasons why you should date a Russian woman. I bet you will be desperate to meet a Russian girl of your own!

Here are some reasons why you should date a Russian woman. I bet you will be desperate to meet a Russian girl of your own!

Dedicated and Fiercely Loyal to You and Your Family

This should be on top of the many excellent traits of Russian women. Without a doubt, they put their family first over anything else. Despite being independent and persistent of their personal and professional life, they know that family will always be the number one priority. They’ve been taught to be loyal to their loved ones. They also believe that true love only happens once in a lifetime, which makes them extremely devoted to their partners. Russian ladies take relationships seriously and responsibly.

She Has Grit

Russian women are also known to have a strong and aggressive personality. Being gritty is one trait that proves this. Do not expect her to allow anyone to walk over her. You should know that she has been raised to not trust anyone quickly and to question authority. She will survive at anything and anywhere as she knows how to take care of herself the right and brave way.

They Have Great Taste for Beauty and Fashion

You should know this by now. One of the most famous trait Russian women are known for is their captivating and legendary beauty. Some men are even ready to travel to another corner of the world to see them with their own eyes. In addition to their natural beauty, they’ve been raised to have excellent taste and to always dress to kill.

They emphasize their beauty more with proper outfits and makeup. Russian women know that the way they dress is vital for their image and self-expression. They enjoy taking care of themselves. Every Russian woman knows to dress to impress. This is also one reason why they are always included as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Great Listeners

Russian girls can be both your girlfriend and friend. Men also need some people to talk to and who could seriously listen and understand them. These girls are great at that. She won't cut you off mid-sentence and think of your feelings as immature or silly. They make great girlfriends since they know how to keep a relationship fresh and going. It is in their nature to provide constant support to their men even when the going gets tough. 

Treats Men Right

Some important traits you should know about Russian women is that they are not rude, pushy, and have no desire to make your life a living hell. They are aware that happiness must be experienced by the two individuals in a relationship. After all, relationships are a two-way street: when you keep her happy, she is smart enough to keep you happy in return. Expect to be treated with respect and feel like you are the man of the house, as long as you make her feel respected, too.

Smart and a hustler

Russian women aren’t just pretty dolls. They are beauty and brains - perfect, right? Their captivating beauty is usually incorporated with a strong personality and mental capabilities. Education is a big part of their lives. Universities are hugely welcome in Russia that is why most ladies there has a university degree. 

They don't just tend to be smart in theory, but they are also capable of implementing them and become great at their chosen fields or roles. They are also knowledgeable of different aspects like in literature and in cooking. Since they were children, they were taught by their parents and grandparents to cook. This is one perk of dating Russian ladies - you will get to taste authentic Russian cuisine truly made by them.

In addition to this, they are natural hustlers. They are raised and taught to think and act independently. She is highly aware that if she wants something, whether it be a basic necessity or a luxury item, she will have to earn money to get that for herself. This means that going to school and working hard at a job is one of her priorities.

Russian parents are the best

Men who are lucky enough to meet their Russian girlfriend’s parents feel like the experience is amazing. Usually, meeting a lover’s parents give that unexplainable nervousness especially during the encounter. However, meeting a Russian girl’s parents will make you love them almost just as much as you love your girl. You proved yourself by making her fall in love with you - that is enough proof for them to know that their daughter found someone who makes her happy and who is worthy to be welcomed in the family. They naturally accept people whom their children love and then eventually love them as their own. This will ultimately lead to feeding you all the time - literally. You also don’t have to worry when it comes to drinking alcohol with them because it is socially acceptable and expected during family affairs.

Ukrainian girls crowd dating agencies willing to get married abroad.

  As the political situation in the country has changed, Ukrainian women have also changed their marriage preferences.
Several years ago, Ukrainian girls were not so eager to register in the marriage agencies, but now many women are ready to pay their own money to find a good foreign husband.
"I can say for sure, the influx is very large, we don’t even have time to process all the applications. For example, in the past, maybe 15 people a month approached us, now 5-10 people call and come every day. We help these women to fill out a questionnaire and to introduce themselves well, we make a portfolio for them or just help them to select their photos, we also assist them in having the correspondence with a potential fiancé. As a rule, a man pays for all the services and a woman waits until somebody would be interested in her profile. But now many clients don’t want to wait and take the initiative in getting acquainted" - says Anastasia, the manager of a Dnepropetrovsk marriage agency.
The same happens in other dating agencies. We phoned five agencies, but we received an offer to register only in two. “Now a great number of people want to register, we don’t have time to process all the applications,” we were told so in most well-known agencies and they offered to call back in a few days.
Those women who are looking for a foreign husband claim that they love Ukraine, but want to have more stable life. "I live here almost all my life, but I want to marry a foreigner. Let it be a man from Europe or America. Now I am in a more active search, since my life has become more difficult, I can hardly live on my small shop-attendant’s salary. And the future is hard to predict, nobody knows what will happen soon. In the past, I worked in Kiev, but our shop was closed because of the financial crisis and I moved back to my home city,”said 25-year-old Anna. The girl refuses point-blank to give her last name, as her family does not approve her search abroad. But it does not prevent her from searching for a foreign husband and she is ready to introduce him to her family as soon as she finds him.
Foreign men are considered stable that is why the Ukrainian women prefer them to the native ones.
By the way, despite the political situation in the country, foreigners visit Ukraine with pleasure. “There are always many tourists, the foreigners are interested in everything that is happening here and support Ukraine. It is difficult to talk about a certain amount of tourists. Sometimes 1 man comes a week, sometimes more than 10 people travel here even in the wintertime. In any case, so far the women are more eager to get acquainted than men are.
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Russian statistics show increase in marriages with foreigners.

  Over the past decade, the number of marriages with foreigners has increased several times in Moscow and in the suburbs. If in the mid-2000s, about 6% of the marriages were international, now this figure is twice as large. Here is the statistics: the year 2005 – 1407 marriages, the year 2017 - 13 685 marriages.
According to the statistics provided by the Moscow registry offices, the largest increase occurred in the mid-2000s. "One of the most important growth factors was online dating," said Tatyana Gurko, Chief researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, "It can be also considered as one of the consequences of globalization." Ethnicity and religion do not make the problem to get married anymore".
“Since 1990s the Russian girls have started to get married to foreigners more often. At first they preferred to choose partners from the West: about 12% of the men were from Europe” said Gurko. The most popular countries were the United States, Israel, Canada, Germany and Yugoslavia. However, in recent years, the sociologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences have noted that Slavic girls also choose men from the East: China, Japan, and Australia. Last year, there were many Turkish and Greek citizens. The male population of South America is also found in statistics, as reported by the official government portal.
It gets easier to apply to the registry office
To arrange one date with a girl costs around $100. However, it is not guaranteed that it will be successful. Sometimes wealthy people from abroad are ready to pay up to $500 to meet with 5-6 girls to make the final choice.
Such marriage at the first sight might seem quite mercenary, but the matchmaking statistics shows that every second or third marriage with Russian men ends with divorce, whereas the probability of a divorce with a foreign husband is only 3 percent.
In the past years, the Russian girls became more exacting. That is why it is easier for a European man to find a wife, in comparison to Asian men. People from the East usually get married at a later age, as they find their feet first.
By the way, in 2017, marriages with foreigners made up 15 percent of the total number registered in Moscow. Most often, the spouses came from the United States, Canada, Israel, Germany and France, Australia - said the official government portal. Most of the newlyweds made the decision to create a family at the age of 25-34. In this age group, there were 32% of men and 57% of brides.
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