Brides from Russia Help page

This page will provide you with the basics you need to get started on our mail-order bride service.

The first step is to create a profile, which is free for members of both sexes. Only registered members can use the full range of our services, contact the Russian women, rate their profiles, pictures and videos, etc.
After creating a profile with our online agency, you will be able to contact other members, keep track of your incoming and outgoing messages, purchase and spend credits.

How, exactly, do I contact other members?

You can send messages to any Russian bride free of charge, as long as her profile is active, and you do not have more than one unopened message from her. You can write in English, and the reply messages will also be in English, even if the woman does not speak it.
Your messages will be processed by the staff of the woman's local dating agency, who will translate and forward the messages. They may send the woman their translations by email or instant messenger, or read them to her over the phone, or have her come to the office in person to check and translate her mail herself and give the answers to an agency worker. These are long-established routines that do not require any further input on your part. You will simply get a reply in English from the girl in your Inbox and be able to reply at once, also in English. You will get an email notification about every new message. In case you do not want those notifications on your main email account, we suggest you put a different email address in your profile. You can also set your profile to receive a single notification per day instead of one per every message.
If you do not want any notifications from new women, you can change your profile status to Invisible, but, in that case, new women will not be able to see it or contact you, and the profile will not be shown in search results; however, you will still be able to continue existing correspondence. To stop all notifications completely, you can Suspend your profile, which will render it inactive and put a stop to all ongoing correspondence with Russian women. All of your messages will be preserved, and you will be able to pick up where you left off at any point.

  Until you write to a woman for the first time, her messages will be free to open. After you do, you will have to pay a fixed price to read her reply messages (for the translation).
If you are in no mood for writing letters, you can send a Russian girl a free smile. A smile is a quick «Hello» message with a link to your profile that shows a member you are interested in her.
You can also book an interpreted phone or video call. To do that, you will need to contact us at least 24 hours in advance and let us know which woman you would like to talk to, and at what time. We will need to prepare and make sure the call will definitely take place, and our interpreter will do the rest.

Why is the translation price not the same for all the women?

  We do not want to make your life more difficult by charing you per character/word, as is customary in the translation industry. Instead, you pay a fixed fee for the translation of each pair of messages you exchange, regardless of how long they are. The fee does vary, however, depending on the popularity of the woman you are writing to. A problem shared by all dating sites is that the majority of men want to write to a handful of the most popular women, and vice versa. If one woman gets messages from dozens of men, while others get none, that is bad for everyone. To alleviate this, our system automatically raises the translation price for women that are getting the most attention in order to discourage new contacts. This only affects new contacts, meaning that, if you are already in correspondence with a woman, the price will stay unchanged for you. If a woman becomes too popular, with too many messages going unanswered and a further price increase being impractical, her profile is removed from search results. The men she is already talking to can keep doing so at the same price as before.
Please note that a lower translation price does not mean that a woman is inferior to those with a higher price. All it means is that she has been contacted by fewer men because she has recently joined the site, or her profile is lower in search results, or she has added more conservative pictures to her profile, or for other reasons. Everyone deserves attention, and we want every member to be active, so we strongly recommend that men write to women with a lower translation price.

Is it safe to use my credit card here?

Yes, completely. All your credit card data and other information about your order is securely transmitted to our bank using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most common encryption protocol used by online businesses. You credit card data remains encrypted until it reaches the bank. We do not store, or even see, your credit card information. We have never had a security breach, and no credit card has ever been compromised.

This sate is safely

You can find more detailed information about the various aspects of interacting with Russian brides in our FAQ page.